Converters Expo

March 27-28, 2019

Lambeau Field Atrium
Green Bay, WI

Setup for Expo at Lambeau Field Atrium


Exhibitor Checklist

A checklist to help you organize and prepare for your participation at Converters Expo.


Load-in by exhibitors is from 6:00 - 9:00 am on day of expo. If unable to carry materials through the front entrance, exhibitors who are bringing their materials with them (i.e., not shipping them ahead of time) should unload at the Bus Bay on south side of building. After unloading at the Bus Bay, proceed to Lot 3 off of Lombardi Avenue and enter building through the American Family Insurance Gate. Please review the Move In and Move Out Procedures which can be easily printed for onsite reference. Those who ship materials through Green Bay Exposition Services will have materials delivered to their booth by GBES staff.

Lambeau Field


Pre-Show Shipments to Lambeau / Booth Accessories

Exhibitor Kit

Audio/Visual Equipment

Review the Lambeau Field Audio/Visual Equipment Price List for available onsite equipment.  If renting highlighted equipment from Lambeau Field, please contact Amy Baker, Events Administrator, in advance to reserve. Phone number is 920-569-7147 or

Wireless Internet - Lambeau Field Atrium has free wifi. Log In Instructions:
   1. Connect to Lambeau Field.
   2. Open a NEW browser window and click "I agree" on the splash page.


Begins at 3:30 pm on Day-of-EXPO, April 18, 2018. Must be completed by 5:00 pm. 

If boxed materials are to be shipped out, your packed and labelled boxes may be left in the booth space for GBES staff. However, outbound service must be pre-arranged with GBES. Any outbound exhibit materials left in your booth without contracting of material handling through GBES will be held at their warehouse until payment is made.

For those who brought materials with them, there will be a limited number of carts available. When your booth is completely packed up, look for a Packers representative near the garage door to put your name on a list. When the next cart is available, it will be brought to the next name on list. If cart arrives before your booth is packed up, your name will be moved to the bottom of list. Packers staff will take your cart to Bus Bay while you drive your car around to the Bus Bay to be loaded.

Anything left unpacked and/or unlabeled after 5 PM will be discarded.


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